With the knowledge of impending societal collapse within the next 30–50 years, we need to listen to Indigenous people, not only about how we prevent the coming collapse but also what to do to survive it says Kern Collymore

In school, I wasn’t good at many subjects, but history always seemed to be my forte. From a young age, the facts and dates of different civilizations and cultures somehow seemed to stick in my mind. As I look at the world developing today, I can’t help but think back on all of that history as a warning that we are fast approaching a collapse. Technology and globalization have made our society unlike any prior society in recorded history, but we are also following a pattern that suggests that unless things change dramatically, soon, we are heading for a societal collapse

Usually, when I say this, I get so weird looks and eye rolls, and “don’t be so negative” has been the common response. However, I don’t consider myself to be fatalistic but an optimistic realist. Looking at history, EVERY civilization before this has thought that they were the apex of humanity … they are no longer here. We are lucky to find traces of them in excavations of ruins, pieces of texts, footprints of a foundation found under feet of sand like Gobekli Tepe. Unless things change soon, our civilization is going down that same path. 

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