Areas of Focus


Sixth world solution works to create grass roots partnerships to build food sovereignty . Small farmers and individual growers help communities build food security, walk through the process of land withdrawals, creation of community gardens, strengthening local food systems.  partnership development knowledge sharing networks, policy development.


We approach “water” as a sacred element, not just a resource – sovereignty, water governance, water systems management, water quality monitoring, water filtration, water partnership development, water policy advocacy.

Sustainable Housing


Rights based approaches to renewable energy development, capacity building, facilitating partnerships and bringing different aspects of the energy question together, workforce development in renewable energy, building community capacity to manage decentralized systems. Renewable energy planning, centering indigenous knowledge, local forms of governance..

Featured Initiatives

Navajo Nation welcomes First Lady Jill Biden in Window Rock Navajo Nation resident Janene Yazzie says she is very encouraged by Dr. Biden's visit. "Her visit offers her a different lens to systemic issues that we have been...

Climate change, elitism, equity and why campaigners opposed Auckland’s regional fuel tax

Other examples of policy that experts believe failed to factor in equity include the Government announcing an end to fossil fuel exploration, without having a clear path to replace those industries crucial to rural economies like Taranaki, or subsidies for brand new electric vehicle purchases (although others argue it will help create a second-hand market).

Navajo Times story on our Sustainable housing initiative

Navajo Times story on our Sustainable housing initiative Navajo groups get new ‘Liberated Paths’ grants By Cindy Yurth | Feb 4, 2021 | Community |      CHINLE While environmental...

Solar Water Filtration for reservation Communities

Solar Water Filtration for reservation Communities

UArizona’s IndigeFEWSS and Sixth-World Solutions awarded $100K to deploy off-grid water systems for remote Navajo householdsMarch 1, 2021 By Love Foster-Malave A partnership between IndigeFEWSS and Sixth-World Solutions (SWS) has received a $100,000 grant from the...

Unicorn Riot

Unicorn Riot

Unicorn Riot spoke to Janene Yazzie, a human rights advocate and local community activist from the Navajo Nation. The interview starts by reviewing a recent viral video showing Navajo communities members chasing off Sen. John McCain.

Thirst for Justice

Thirst for Justice

Thirst for Justice: the struggle for the human right to water In the richest nation on earth, and wealthiest state in the nation, how can so many people lack access to safe affordable water for their basic human needs? Thirsty for Justice shares powerful stories of...