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Sixth World Solutions takes a systems-based approach to develop socio-economic solutions for Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and communities. We center community leadership and rights-based approaches for regenerative, place-based solutions. We are guided by Indigenous principles of kinship, community, environmental responsibilities, traditional principles of leadership, and strategic planning modeled after seventh-generation philosophy.


To create models of development to meet complex challenges through community leadership, capacity building and alliance building for transformative change. We believe that the key to creating pathways to regenerative economies and self-sufficiency is through community-led solutions based on centering Indigenous knowledge systems, sciences, wisdom, livelihoods and practices.

What We Do

Rights Centered approach

Very often, issue affecting indigenous communities are human rights issues. We take a rights based approach that inherently views indigenous rights as human rights

Community focused initiatives

Local communities should have a stake in the initiatives that are implemented in their communities and we work to make sure their voices are recognized.

Indigenous-led solutions

Indigenous peoples have been the voice of reason from climate change to the effects of capitalism. We make sure that indigenous solutions are taken into account.

Uplifting Indigenous philosophies and knowledge systems

Indigenous communities and their traditional ecological knowledge holders have been the stewards that have maintained ecological diversity across the world.

Regenerative economies

From teacher retention programs to parent engagement workshops, Sixth World Solutions creates top of the line material that helps clients address problems preventing meaningful change.

POlicy Analysis, business plans

Our work with reservation communities often includes understanding and researching policy that impact our clients. Our knowledge and experience working with different organizations provides us valuable insight into navigating tribal, state and federal bureaucracy

Who We Are

Janene Yazzie

Janene is a Dine entrepreneur, community organizer and human rights advocate from the Navajo Nation. She works on climate change, water security, food security, energy development, and nation building with indigenous communities. She is program manager of Sustainable Community Development with the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). She also represents IITC as the co-convener of the Indigenous Peoples Major Group (IPMG) to the United Nations High Level Political Forum on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Co- founder of Sixth World Solutions LLP., and co-founder of the Navajo Nation Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association (LCRWCA), she has built expertise in infrastructure  policy, integrated land and water management, and restoration and protection of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). Janene Yazzie is a community organizer and human rights advocate that has worked on development and energy issues with Indigenous communities across the United States for over 12 years.

Kern Collymore

Kern Collymore is Afro-Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago. After graduating from Columbia University he co-founded Sixth World Solutions and has worked on land restoration, water security and food sovereignty for over a decade. He developed the Community Leadership Program for the first Navajo Nation community-led watershed project called the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association (LCRWCA). Recently, Kern has focused his efforts in developing solar water filtration, rainwater catchment systems and other forms of sustainable development for Diné producers to deal with the dual impacts of COVID and long-term drought. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University (NAU). As an activist Kern has been on the frontlines advocating for the rights of BIPOC, helping to facilitate teach-ins, engaging in policy advocacy, assisting with mutual aid and creating a network of support amongst BIPOC communities. Kern enjoys facilitating leadership building climb trainings on the Navajo nation catering to local Indigenous people as well as POC from across the country. 

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