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Sixth World Solutions takes a systems-based approach to develop socio-economic solutions for Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and communities. We center community leadership and rights-based approaches for regenerative, place-based solutions. We are guided by Indigenous principles of kinship, community, environmental responsibilities, traditional principles of leadership, and strategic planning modeled after seventh-generation philosophy.


To create models of development to meet complex challenges through community leadership, capacity building and alliance building for transformative change. We believe that the key to creating pathways to regenerative economies and self-sufficiency is through community-led solutions based on centering Indigenous knowledge systems, sciences, wisdom, livelihoods and practices.

What We Do

Rights Centered approach

Issue affecting indigenous communities are a human rights issue. Inherently, indigenous rights are human rights

Community focused initiatives

Llocal communities should have a stake in the initiatives that are implemented in their communities and we work to make sure their voices are recognized.

Indigenous-led solutions

Indigenous peoples have been the voice of reason from climate change to the effects of capitalism. we make sure that indigenous solutions are taken into account. 

Uplifting Indigenous philosophies and knowledge systems

Indigenous  communities and their traditional ecological knowledge have been the stewards and knowledge holders that have maintained ecological diversity across the world.

Regenerative economies

From teacher retention programs to parent engagement workshops, Sixth World Solutions creates top of the line material that helps clients address problems preventing meaningful change.

POlicy Analysis, business plans

Our work with reservation communities often includes understanding and researching policy that impact our clients. Our knowledge and experience working with different organizations provides us valuable insight into navigating tribal, state and federal bureaucracy

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